April 2019 - Welcome, Dr. Zhengdong Zhao and Dr. Takashi Seino!

February 2019 - Warm welcome Qian Zhang!

September 2018 - Welcome Dr. Lifeng Yuan, and Dr. Zhenfei Xie!

July 2018 - Welcome Dr. Meng-Ju Wu!

Oct 2017 - The lab is really growing! We recently welcomed Dr. Xudong Fu, Dr. Aritra Bhattacharjee, Dr. Yuangao Wang and Qiangzong Yin!

June 2017 - Welcome to our newest postdocs, Dr. Chunxia Zhang and Dr. Zhiyuan Chen!

February 2017 - Welcome, Dr. Wenqiang Chen!



September 2016 - Renewed for 5 years of HHMI funding!

April 2017 - New R01 awarded for research on the epigenetics of cocaine addiction

September 2017 - New R01 awarded for research on SCNT and reprogramming

November 2018 - Zhang Lab receives grant from the Open Philanthropy Foundation to study mechanisms in the brain involved in development of chronic pain



September 2017 - Conratulations to Dr. Lan Jiang on receiving the Charles King Trust!